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Patient Prioritization

When thinking about a hospital queue, we notice a primordial characteristic: it does not follow a chronological order. It is defined by decision of the responsible physician. This decision-making is based on a subjective assessment of the clinical risk of each patient, based on the experience and knowledge of each physician. Thus, the tendency is for each doctor to make the decision in a different way.

This project is dedicated to mapping how these physicians prioritize patients and transforming their decisions into a framework of objective criteria. This method is called Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The method uses mathematical criteria to map each physician’s decision making. These maps can be combined and compared so that the physicians’ final decision is mathematically based.

Thus, decision-making tends to be impartial and will cause a greater social impact in the queue, being able to define more precisely which patients need the exam and the urgency of this need.

Specific Applications

Initially this project will devote its efforts to mapping medical decisions for the performance of the Covid – 19 double row exam and the Urodynamics exam.

Urodynamics – Simply put, it is a graphical method such as the electrocardiogram. The UD records the steps of the process of urination, Storage, emptying and the presence of incontinence. The present project used this exam to do its first practical activity. It was found, for example, that the most important information for a physician at the time of decision-making on the order of the queue is the results of complementary exams.

COVID-19 – For the new disease of COVID–19, the project intends to act in all stages of the disease. Medical decision making regarding who will go to the hospital or not, or to the Intensive Care Unit may be supported by the algorithm.

Project distribution
In addition to its importance for the academic field. This work will also become a technological development project, which will be made available for use by society. Especially from doctors and other researchers. This will be done from a web platform.

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