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BATISTA, GUILHERME V. ; SCARPIN, CASSIUS T. ; PÉCORA, JOSÉ E. ; RUIZ, ANGEL . A New Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Continuous Moves. MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING , v. 2019, p. 1-12, 2019.

Abstract This paper describes a variant of the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem for inspections in a railroad network. Inspections are performed by vehicles over a time horizon on which some stretches need evaluation more frequently than others due to its use. Each car can evaluate one stretch per day without being attached to a depot; at each day, the shift may start and end at different locations. This characterizes the problem as the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Continuous Moves in which firstly the delays on attendances are minimized and, second, the displacement costs. We present a mathematical model and an Ant Colony Optimization algorithm to solve the problem. The use of a local search procedure and some principles of Granular Tabu Search is crucial for the algorithm’s performance. The numerical results are promising, especially for critical situations where the arcs’ needs are close to the total vehicles’ capacity.

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