Patient Prioritization

When thinking about a hospital queue, we notice a primordial characteristic: it does not follow a chronological order. It is defined by decision of the responsible physician. This decision-making is based on a subjective assessment of the clinical risk of each patient, based on the experience and knowledge of each physician. Thus, the tendency is […]

Intra-Hospital Transport of Patients

A hospital has many challenges within itself, in addition to the obvious medical challenges, there is also an intricate logistical management structure necessary for its proper functioning. The hospital logistics area is responsible for all planning, procurement and distribution of supplies within the hospital. A less studied, but extremely important, logistic-hospital problem is the transport […]

BioPsychoSocial-Spiritual Model

In 1977, psychiatrist George L. Engel realized that a new medical model was needed, there were more factors that could influence the health of patients and this needed to be analyzed. So he proposed what would later come to be known as the biopsychosocial model. Over the years and with the growth of palliative medicine […]

Technology Implementation 4.0

The world has gone through four great industrial revolutions, each of which has marked the world both socially and technologically. The first and second were marked by new ways of producing energy, the third marked by the internet. Meanwhile, the fourth is marked by the convergence between the physical, biological and digital worlds. The main […]