BATISTA, GUILHERME V. ; SCARPIN, CASSIUS T. ; PÉCORA, JOSÉ E. ; RUIZ, ANGEL . A New Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm to Solve the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem with Continuous Moves. MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING , v. 2019, p. 1-12, 2019. Abstract This paper describes a variant of the Periodic Capacitated Arc Routing Problem for inspections in a railroad network. Inspections are performed by vehicles over a time horizon on which some stretches need evaluation more frequently than others due to its use. Each car can evaluate one stretch per day without being attached to […]

HIROSE, ANDERSON KENJI ; SCARPIN, CASSIUS TADEU ; PÉCORA JUNIOR, JOSÉ EDUARDO . Goal programming approach for political districting in Santa Catarina State: Brazil. ANNALS OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH , v. 287, p. 209-232, 2020. Abstract: In the Brazilian judiciary, the Electoral Registry Offices (EROs) are responsible for managing the Brazilian electoral districts. Moreover, not only do they organize elections in their district, but they are also responsible for managing the registration of electors and supervising the political parties. Brazil has a multi-party system with more than 35 political […]